# The Black Goat with a Thousand Young




Behold, the Goat's Allies:

Warm Cornbread

Cold Coca-Cola

T. Herman Zweibel
(our great financial benefactor)

Clean mice rollers

Anything with dual-processors

Kill - 9

…and the cold glow of a Trinitron monitor



Join the Goat in Sneering at our Foes

Martha Stewart
(cornbread does not "suck" no matter what you say, however your lemon cookies you sent us are delicious, thank you.)

AMP, our arch rivals
(AMP baffles us. They pay tribute to a
man of peace
while waging war.)

Windows ME, XP, etc.

Cabletron routers, switches, and hubs

Hannah-Beth Jackson
(stop stuffing the Goat's mail box daily with crap.
Ever-friendly Da Bien, despite him saying otherwise,
subconsciously thinks Hannah is "weird")

(the whole lot of u.)